Hobbes – Your imaginary friend

Growing up, I loved reading the Sunday funny comic strips. I loved reading them all, but the one that I held and still hold most dear in my heart is Calvin and Hobbes.

So when someone wanted me to bring Hobbes to crochet life, I jumped at the chance! I wanted to make Hobbes the stuffed animal version. This way it’s up to the person to truly imagine Hobbes. I did an exhaustive search online for Hobbes as well as searching through my own anthologies to use for my blueprint. There weren’t that many comic strips with Hobbes as the “stuffed animal” but it was enough to do the job!

Calvin and HObbes Racoon p2

Calvin and Hobbes Racoon p3

The hardest part in creating Hobbes was doing all those color changes back and forth. However, now I’m an expert at changing colors! Thanks Hobbes!

So here it is! This is Ami Hobbes and you can use your imagination to make him come alive, and when he does, he’ll take care of you, make insightful and hilarious reflections, and you’ll have an awesome adventure with him!

So let me know what you think? Any other Calvin and Hobbes fans out there?

Welcome says Hobbes Hobbes01 Hobbes02 Hobbes - Side Profile


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7 Responses to Hobbes – Your imaginary friend

  1. Charly says:

    I absolutely love this! My husband was a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes growing up, it inspired him to become a cartoonist. You did such a good job transforming him from 2D to 3D. My boys get to grow up on Calvin and Hobbes now, though that might be inspiring in all the wrong ways for them! Calvin’s poor mom 😉

    • Ami Amour says:

      Hehe I’m sure you are handling it with all the grace and humor of Calvin’s mom as well! Thank you for your words. Calvin and Hobbes is definitely timeless and I think future generations will keep discovering the comic strip.

  2. Katie says:

    I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes! I even have a widget on my desktop that displays an old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip each day! I still love it and I always will.

    Would you be willing to sell me your Hobbes pattern? My cousin (who is also a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan) has been sick lately and I would love to send this to him. I think it would be a huge surprise and something that would bring him back to the days of reading our favorite comic strip together.

    Please let me know. Happy Holidays!

  3. juwench says:

    This is amazing – would you be willing to sell the pattern? My brother and I were obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes (one of the very few things we ever had in common) and I would love to make him one for his birthday.

  4. Jon Blakesberg says:

    D you still make Hobbes dolls and if so how much do they cost?

  5. Taylor Grider says:

    Hello Sharon, my name is Taylor I love your art its very talented. I have a friend that is very close to me and she loves the Calvin and Hobbes adventures. I would love to give her your Hobbes as a gift.

    Please email or call me Whenever you have the time 9366478039
    Thank you, Taylor

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