Pchan Pig Crochet Pattern

You’ll squeal with cuteness at this little black pig that is very easy to crochet up. His name is P-chan and he’s from one of my favorite old school animes, Ranma 1/2. He’s a pig with a very terrible sense of direction. He’s forever getting hopelessly lost! He has a very dashing yellow bandana with slash marks all around.

Price: $5

  • Level: Easy
  • Finished Size: Approximatly 10 inches wide and 7 inches tall
  • Format: PDF (4 pages long) in Amerian Crochet Standard
  • Notable Features: Pink little snout, large eyes, large ears, yellow bandana, and curly tail
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One Response to Pchan Pig Crochet Pattern

  1. Oly says:

    it’s super cute, I will probably try it one day 🙂

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