Fun time at Anime Conji 2011

I was in Artist Alley at San Diego’s 2nd Anime Conji. Having been my first time there, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it blew my expectations away. What I like about smaller cons is that it’s a lot more intimate so I get to know a lot of people better, especially my fellow artists around me. I got to see some familiar faces again and make some new awesome friends as well!

Friday was a little slow, but Saturday and Sunday definitely picked up for me. The day before the con I didn’t get any sleep at all because I was frantically trying to finish up some of my crochet plushies. Maybe it’s because I was tired or what not, but I forgot several things at home (my cubes and my eyes for my plushies). You can see my setup on the first day here:

Artist Alley Amigurumis

On the second day I remembered to bring my cube box and I think setup began to look a little nicer. I feel like people don’t really know the name of my business though, so I really need to make a banner one of these days soon.


Craft Booth Setup - Anime Conji 2011 Adopt me amigurumis

I had the most awesome table partner. Her name is Emy and she has her own web comics called Trying Human that she publishes for free online. It’s based around the love story of an alien who falls in love with his human abductee and is very inventive! So be sure to check it out. She is very talented in her drawings and I was impressed to see her just ramp it out on her original art.

Emy from Trying Human

I had a great time meeting all the fabulous people who came through. Thanks everyone for supporting me and my plushies. I did some crochet commissions while I was there as well. I forgot to take pictures of all of them.

One was a poisonous Mario Mushroom for John. I might have to make some for AX.

Mario Poison Mushroom

Another was a Futurama brain slug. I find it so hilarious when people wear them on top of its head. You can see Rosemary and Emy sporting the new brain slug fashion.

Brain Slug Headband
brain slug and Pirate ZB
Futurama Brain Slug

I forgot to take a picture of Poo that I made for this cute little girl ^^. Basically a brown version of my slimes.

Oh yes and there were some awesome cosplayers this year as well. There’s plenty of anime cosplayers around so I took photos of more American based comics. Here’s Batman.

Batman Cosplay

An awesome Lolita style Rogue outfit. Rogue’s my favorite character in X-men so I was very impressed.

Rogue Cosplay
And this is for my sister, the prince and Rapunzel from Tangled.

Tangled Cosplay

Oh and here’s Luigi showing off my 1-Up mushroom. Sorry that it’s a bit blurry.. it was taken on my iphone.


Oh yes, and on the last day, I finally got to do some shopping and for Jose (my fiancee). I got him an Angry Bird plushie (he’s so addicted to that game) and a Doctor Who T-shirt.


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Sephiroth Sackboy

I had a commission coming all the way from Singapore, and it was for Sephiroth Sackboy. The challenging part for me would be to create the hair for him and the clothes. Sometimes for hair I like to use many pieces of yarn to simulate hair but this time I knew I wanted it to be crocheted on, similar to like a wig.

You can see the work in progress here as I worked on all the separate pieces of the hair. Basically I was making different sized strips and assembling and sewing them together in one piece. I think the effect came out pretty good in the end. It was my first time doing anime hair in this sort of way. Time-consuming, but fun to do.

Here’s how the hair ended up looking in the end. I had to give him bangs as well as long hair in the back.



One other challenge I was trying to figure out to do was: What should I do for the buckles and straps on his coat? I went to the my local craft stores here and went to the jewelry store, but could not find anything similar to what I wanted. For some reason, though I had some pop tops (you know the tops off of the soda pop cans) lying around and then it hit me.. hmmm… I think these will work fine! So the silver metal that you see are actually recycled pop tops ^^.

If you liked this Sackboy check out the other Sackboys I’ve done in my photo gallery including Kratos and Old Snake.

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Sackboy Gallery

Here’s a gallery of all the crochet Sackboy amigurumis I’ve made either through commissions or orders.

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Moogle Crochet Pattern

Create a playful Moogle amigurumi plush with this very easy to follow PDF crochet pattern. It has complete crochet instructions including an easy to follow photo tutorial for the wings as well as the antenna. Assembly of the parts are also covered in detail and there are plenty of photos for your viewing pleasure. Download it instantly via my Ravelry Shop.

Price: $5

  • Level: Easy
  • Finished Size: 11 inches (sitting and not including the antenna)
  • Format: PDF (4 pages long) in Amerian Crochet Standard
  • Notable Features: Bat-like wings, an antenna (created from pipe cleaners) with a red ball, and a round nose.

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Totoro Beanie Crochet Pattern

Know how to crochet? Well turn yourself instantly into a Totoro when you follow this cute crochet pattern for a Totoro Beanie hat! Soon you’ll be wearing a huge smile as big as Totoro’s because this is a very fun and easy project to do. You’ll be able to whip out your hat in a couple of hours. Download it instantly in my Ravelry Shop.

Price: $4

  • Level: Basic
  • Size: For Adults and Teens
  • Format: PDF pattern written in standard American Crochet
  • Notable features: Funny ears, round eyes, and black whiskers. Upon wearing this hat, you may suddenly have a strong desire to stand in the rain with a leaf on your head.

Don’t forget to share your finished photo with me on my Flickr Ami Amour group just for patterns!

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Pig Rabbit Crochet Pattern

Create your very own amigurumi crochet Pig Rabbit plush! You may have seen the very cute fusion of a pig and a rabbit if you’re a fan of the K-drama You’re Beautiful. Now you can buy the PDF pattern and download it instantly through my Ravelry Shop.

Price: $5

  • Level: Easy
  • Finished Size: 14 inches tall (sitting)
  • Format: PDF (4 pages) and written in American Crochet Standard Terms.
  • Notable Features: Cute Bowtie Accessory, funny Pig Snout, fluffy cottontail, and long bunny ears.

I offer pattern help on all my patterns ^^

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Cuddly Tiger Pattern

This crochet pattern came about as I was inspired by Hobbes, the incorrigible tiger created by Bill Watterson. I’ve been constantly asked about making this pattern available, and now it finally is! I’ve created it in a PDF format that is 5 pages long which includes easy to follow directions and plenty of photos. Use the buy it now button to purchase the pattern and you will be able to download the pattern instantly.

All pattern purchases are processed securely through my Ravelry Shop using Paypal. You do not need a paypal account to make a purchase as it accepts all major credit cards.


  • Level: Easy / Intermediate
  • Finished Size: Approximately 14 inches tall.
  • Notable Features: Gold and Black Stripes, Elongated Body, and a Snout. Tiger may want to pounce on you when you enter through your door.

Pattern support is available on all my patterns.

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See me at Anime Conji 2011 and Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

I’m going to be at Artist Alley at Anime Conji – San Diego’s very own Anime Expo. It’s held on March 25th-27th and should be lots of fun. It’s going to be my very first time going there. I believe Anime Conji is relatively new so it’ll be fun to watch it grow and develop. You can get a full weekend badge online for $45 online right now or $30 if you’re a student or teacher. Be sure to register online before March 19th as tickets are more expensive at the door.

Originally they had run out of Artist Alley spots as I had just found out about the show about a month ago, but luckily (I think) a spot opened up and I was able to get a half table. Now the only problem is I have about 2 weeks left to crochet up a storm and have my crochet plushies ready for you guys.

I’ve also been thinking about the Japan Earthquake and Tsunimi Disaster and been thinking about what I can do to help. So, I’ve decided to donate a part of my proceeds I make from artist alley to the Japan Red Cross.


So yes, San Diego and southern California folks come on out to Anime Conji and let’s celebrate Japanese culture as well as lend our support for the people who are suffering from such a terrible natural disaster.

If you want to help out also, but cannot make it out to Anime Conji, please consider making a donation to the Japan Red Cross. You can make a contribution here:

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Amigurumi-mizer: The Experiment of the Pandas

I’ve been busy crocheting the days and nights away.  I feel very blessed these days that people are coming to me to buy their Christmas gifts.   So thanks everybody!  You guys are helping make my dream come true.

So… I wanted to introduce you guys to my new machine, the Amigurumi-mizer!  It’s my trusty machine that can transform any object into an amigurumi version – that is a crochet plushie.  It’s basically a magical cardboard box. Don’t ask me how it works, I haven’t figured it out yet. But this is what I do: I just place the object that I want to amigurumize inside the machine and then I place the dial on “crochet” and wait a few seconds as it does its magic, and ZAP! out pops an exact replica but in crochet form!  It’s pretty nifty and it’s been of great help to me as I do my commissions.

So without further adieu, here are some commissions I’ve been working on thanks to cool people I met at PMX.

Here is Pink Panda designed by artist Larissa.  She has a website called Royally Divine.  Check it out!  Her drawing was put into the Amigurumi-mizer Machine…

PinkPanda500 and I waited a couple of seconds, and out popped out its crochet counterpart in all it’s pretty pinkness!

Pink Panda with HeartThe Amigurumi-mizer than had a second go at another panda, but one with a completely different aesthetic.  It was Scary Panda, designed by Thea, cute but scary at the same time.  Here it goes again…vwoorp vwoorp vwoorp…


But uh-oh, me thinks the Amigurumi-mizer got a bit confused.  It couldn’t decide which face to do! =(

Scary Panda

I guess it needs a little work still.  I’ll work on getting the kinks out.  In the meanwhile, thanks for reading about our very first adventure with the Amigurumi-mizer Machine!  If you want to have your object amigurumized, send your inquiries to and be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss any Amigurumi-mizer Machine Madness!

Ami Amour Newsletter

Subscribe to get free crochet pattern updates!

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Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2010 Sale!

Introducing our huge Holiday Sale is Mr. Adipose!  Thank you very much!  It’s a big sale going on in the shop of Ami Amour from Black Friday till Cyber Monday!  I’m excited to bring this deal to all you guys who love my crochet plushies.  You can use the Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY15 to get 15% off your entire order from my ETSY SHOP.

And I’ve listed many new items for your pleasure as well!  Here’s a look at some of them:

The most adorable baby penguin.  I’m very proud of creating this one.  I want to make a million of them!

Baby Penguin

You can also get your fill of Studio Ghibli goodies. Here’s my foray into accessories and hats with the ever fun Totoro Beanies.  It’s a Totoro Hat Family Set.  One for Daddy, Mommy, and baby too!

Totoro Beanies

I’m a huge fan of Spirited Away, so we have Ootori-sama, the Duck spirit as well as the whole gang of Spirited Away.


The Spirited Away crew!

The 3 differenet Totoros you can get, Gray, Blue, and White.  Right now special offer in which if you buy either a Gray or a Blue Totoro, you will simply get the mini white Totoro for absolutely free!


all 3Totoros: gray, blue, and white

Also available is the collectible line of the every cute and crazy ZBs.  Each have their own personality and their own story.



A lovely Elephant as well with tusks.

Gray Elephant

And finally a small size and more affordable version of Pig Rabbit available at $25.  And with your coupon, it’s a lot less!  So order it while you can ^^


Well hope you guys have a great weekend and find more awesome deals everywhere you go.  Happy shopping!

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