Flash your Stash!

Ok, so I’m not the most organized person in the world. I have yarn mostly everywhere. My cats are probably coughing up yarn. Here’s a picture of my Yarn Stash. There’s some UFAs (Unfinished Amis) hanging about. See if you can guess them.


KERO PDF crochet pattern

KERO Pdf Pattern: $5.00

Hey guys, I’ve been hard at work, creating my Kero pattern. And it’s finally available for purchase for $5.  It’s a PDF file 6 pages long with oodles of photos and easy to follow instructions. He’s really fun to make. You get to make a set of wings for him as well as a cute Pom Pom tail! You can purchase the pattern by clicking on the button above  to purchase by paypal or by going to my SHOP!  Upon payment, you will have the pattern e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

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Lots of stuffing!

I just got a a huge box of Polyfil, which is the stuffing that goes inside my amigurumis. Its 10 lbs of stuffing! When I took it out of the box, it just kept expanding and expanding. That reminds me of those sponge toys that you put in water and they just keep growing and growing. The height of it was almost at my waist. You can see a picture of the stuffing with my kitty, Mikey. Let’s see how long this box lasts! And since Anime Expo is coming right around the corner, I’m thinking not long at last!


Rome wasn’t built in a day

I’ve been working on developing my website and it is slow going! You can get really bogged down in the technical aspects and spend hours just trying to figure one thing out. I’m a perfectionist in some sense… a procrastinating perfectionist… and I keep wanting to tweak things until I’m satisfied with the way things are. However I’ve come to the conclusion that the small things can wait and I will have to see my progress over time. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Right now rather than wasting all my time agonizing over small aesthetic and technicalities of the website, such as “hmm… there should be a bigger border here around the pictures,” I need to get to the gruntwork of my business, which means crocheting and pattern and product development. Those are the major issues that need to be worked on right now.

It’s a slow process right now as I’m trying to get my systems of streamlining all my processes into place. I realized now that I just need to make do with the current resources that I have and try to get the most bang from it.

Case in point:
I currently do not have Adobe Photoshop nor Illustrator for the moment, which is really a pain. I want to be able to create 2-D representation of my Ami Characters. So I was stuck with Microsoft Paint. I tried it out, and you know what? The result wasn’t half bad. It actually fits into my philosophy of Ami-making well, because I see crocheting amigurumis as working with basic geometric shapes. And with Paint I was just using the shapes they have (they really need to put in more shapes, it’s only a circle, rectangle, and a curvy line), and I must say they came out quite cute! Here take a look. Here is Takuto and Eggy in 2D Form! Ta-dah!!
Takuto and Eggy
I will have to think of some uses for them now! I’ll probably paste them throughout my pattern PDFs. Any other suggestions?

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Upgrade to WordPress 2.9.2

Yay! I’ve finally updated to the latest version of WordPress. For those of you who don’t know, wordpress is the blogging software that I am using. It’s great because I don’t have to know a lot of code to use it and I can still get a really spiffy looking website by using different widgets and plug-ins. So as I’m learning how to do this, expect to see a lot of cool things in the future!

I’m also working on a lot more product and pattern development, so please stay tuned for that. I plan to be very prolific this year. I’ll try to show you guys my work in progress as I get along! I’m already in works for creating my inventory for Anime Expo 2010 and I’m excited about the new products that’ll be coming out.

My ambition for my website is to create a one-stop place for all things Amigurumi. It’ll always be in the work in progress as I’m just starting out, but eventually expect to see a lot of free patterns, patterns for sale, tutorials, and information about amigurumis and crochet in general. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys stick around to watch my evolution!

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AMI SHORTS – The Sexupi who discovered Coral Reef

Now it’s time for Ami Shorts:

Once upon a deep blue ocean, there lived a Sexupus. Sexupi are creatures that are similar to Octupi, but with only six feet. They are actually the precursors to Octupi. However though they are often clumsy and they like to slink about the ocean uncovering new troubles as they go.

This Short is about a Sexupus discovering for the first time the coral reef and new applications for their properties. All innovations come by mistakes sometimes. Now he is quite a fashionable Sexupus and all the envy of the ocean!

Coral Innovation

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21 days till Anime Expo: Coral Sexupus

Yup the countdown is still in progress. Today I was working on designing a scarf for the sexupus pattern for HeyHenry. It was a struggle at first. I realized however that I needed to make the legs longer so that the scarf could wrap around it.

I decided to go for a sea theme… so I made it a ruffly coral scarf. It’s like he just found it in the ocean and decided to get creative and keep himself warm!

here’s a sneak preview… I’ll also be posting a special AMI SHORT very soon as well.

Sexupus - Coral Scarf

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Countdown to Anime Expo 2009: 22 days

Anime Expo is just around the corner. I’m very excited for this year and I hope to showcase a lot more products. I’ll be showing you guys hints of what I’m doing. I’m crocheting every moment possible, meaning I am in a one-girl sweatshop. I’ve decided to post every day to keep me more disciplined and also to show the progress that I’m making. I’m hoping to take a picture everyday of the work that I’m doing.

Currently I am working on a project with HeyHenry. I’ll be showing you pics of the octupus very soon. Actually the nickname I like to call them is Sexupus because they only have six legs! I’ll have to ask Henry for their real names.

Meet my favorite sexupus thus far. He has a starfish on his head.


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