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Upgrade to WordPress 2.9.2

Yay! I’ve finally updated to the latest version of WordPress. For those of you who don’t know, wordpress is the blogging software that I am using. It’s great because I don’t have to know a lot of code to use it and I can still get a really spiffy looking website by using different widgets and plug-ins. So as I’m learning how to do this, expect to see a lot of cool things in the future!

I’m also working on a lot more product and pattern development, so please stay tuned for that. I plan to be very prolific this year. I’ll try to show you guys my work in progress as I get along! I’m already in works for creating my inventory for Anime Expo 2010 and I’m excited about the new products that’ll be coming out.

My ambition for my website is to create a one-stop place for all things Amigurumi. It’ll always be in the work in progress as I’m just starting out, but eventually expect to see a lot of free patterns, patterns for sale, tutorials, and information about amigurumis and crochet in general. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys stick around to watch my evolution!

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