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Countdown to Anime Expo 2009: 22 days

Anime Expo is just around the corner. I’m very excited for this year and I hope to showcase a lot more products. I’ll be showing you guys hints of what I’m doing. I’m crocheting every moment possible, meaning I am in a one-girl sweatshop. I’ve decided to post every day to keep me more disciplined and also to show the progress that I’m making. I’m hoping to take a picture everyday of the work that I’m doing.

Currently I am working on a project with HeyHenry. I’ll be showing you pics of the octupus very soon. Actually the nickname I like to call them is Sexupus because they only have six legs! I’ll have to ask Henry for their real names.

Meet my favorite sexupus thus far. He has a starfish on his head.


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