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Rome wasn’t built in a day

I’ve been working on developing my website and it is slow going! You can get really bogged down in the technical aspects and spend hours just trying to figure one thing out. I’m a perfectionist in some sense… a procrastinating perfectionist… and I keep wanting to tweak things until I’m satisfied with the way things are. However I’ve come to the conclusion that the small things can wait and I will have to see my progress over time. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Right now rather than wasting all my time agonizing over small aesthetic and technicalities of the website, such as “hmm… there should be a bigger border here around the pictures,” I need to get to the gruntwork of my business, which means crocheting and pattern and product development. Those are the major issues that need to be worked on right now.

It’s a slow process right now as I’m trying to get my systems of streamlining all my processes into place. I realized now that I just need to make do with the current resources that I have and try to get the most bang from it.

Case in point:
I currently do not have Adobe Photoshop nor Illustrator for the moment, which is really a pain. I want to be able to create 2-D representation of my Ami Characters. So I was stuck with Microsoft Paint. I tried it out, and you know what? The result wasn’t half bad. It actually fits into my philosophy of Ami-making well, because I see crocheting amigurumis as working with basic geometric shapes. And with Paint I was just using the shapes they have (they really need to put in more shapes, it’s only a circle, rectangle, and a curvy line), and I must say they came out quite cute! Here take a look. Here is Takuto and Eggy in 2D Form! Ta-dah!!
Takuto and Eggy
I will have to think of some uses for them now! I’ll probably paste them throughout my pattern PDFs. Any other suggestions?

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