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Sephiroth Sackboy

I had a commission coming all the way from Singapore, and it was for Sephiroth Sackboy. The challenging part for me would be to create the hair for him and the clothes. Sometimes for hair I like to use many pieces of yarn to simulate hair but this time I knew I wanted it to be crocheted on, similar to like a wig.

You can see the work in progress here as I worked on all the separate pieces of the hair. Basically I was making different sized strips and assembling and sewing them together in one piece. I think the effect came out pretty good in the end. It was my first time doing anime hair in this sort of way. Time-consuming, but fun to do.

Here’s how the hair ended up looking in the end. I had to give him bangs as well as long hair in the back.



One other challenge I was trying to figure out to do was: What should I do for the buckles and straps on his coat? I went to the my local craft stores here and went to the jewelry store, but could not find anything similar to what I wanted. For some reason, though I had some pop tops (you know the tops off of the soda pop cans) lying around and then it hit me.. hmmm… I think these will work fine! So the silver metal that you see are actually recycled pop tops ^^.

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    Michaela Kahsnitz
    February 15, 2014 at 8:20 pm


    Is it possible to get the pattern of the “Sephiroth Sackboy”? What is the size of the finished Sephiroth?

    Thanks a lot,

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