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Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2010 Sale!

Introducing our huge Holiday Sale is Mr. Adipose!  Thank you very much!  It’s a big sale going on in the shop of Ami Amour from Black Friday till Cyber Monday!  I’m excited to bring this deal to all you guys who love my crochet plushies.  You can use the Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY15 to get 15% off your entire order from my ETSY SHOP.

And I’ve listed many new items for your pleasure as well!  Here’s a look at some of them:

The most adorable baby penguin.  I’m very proud of creating this one.  I want to make a million of them!

Baby Penguin

You can also get your fill of Studio Ghibli goodies. Here’s my foray into accessories and hats with the ever fun Totoro Beanies.  It’s a Totoro Hat Family Set.  One for Daddy, Mommy, and baby too!

Totoro Beanies

I’m a huge fan of Spirited Away, so we have Ootori-sama, the Duck spirit as well as the whole gang of Spirited Away.


The Spirited Away crew!

The 3 differenet Totoros you can get, Gray, Blue, and White.  Right now special offer in which if you buy either a Gray or a Blue Totoro, you will simply get the mini white Totoro for absolutely free!


all 3Totoros: gray, blue, and white

Also available is the collectible line of the every cute and crazy ZBs.  Each have their own personality and their own story.



A lovely Elephant as well with tusks.

Gray Elephant

And finally a small size and more affordable version of Pig Rabbit available at $25.  And with your coupon, it’s a lot less!  So order it while you can ^^


Well hope you guys have a great weekend and find more awesome deals everywhere you go.  Happy shopping!

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