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Variations on a Gromit Amigurumi

Gromit 1.0

I went through 3 different incarnations of Gromit before I arrived at the shape that I was satisfied at. I love making amigurumis, and with each one I make, I try and learn a new shape or a different technique. With Gromit, the challenge was in making his head. On my first try, it was a basic oval shape. I made the first one actually about 2 years ago. Let’s call him Gromit 1.0.

Gromit 2.0

Just this past week, I decided to revamp Gromit. I wanted to make his snout more pronounced, so then came Gromit version 2.0. Yet still, something was missing.

I was missing his forehead groove! So back to the crochet sweatshop I went, and finally I was able to get the shape that I wanted by increasing and decreasing stitches in certain places. You can see the progression below. I was quite giddy when it came altogether. I felt him coming alive. Hooray for Gromit 3.0! He might still need a chin, but no more! I’m all Gromitted out.

Variations on a Gromit

Gromit Work in Progress

GromitAltFront800x600 GromitBack800x600 GromitAltSide800x600

UPDATE: Gromit Amigurumi Pattern is now available in my FREE PATTERNS section.

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    May 21, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    I am making this and haviung a little trouble as this is my first amigurumi….Do I just sew the fingers onto the arm?

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