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Totoro Adventure AX 2012

Hey guys, I just came back from Anime Expo and had such a blast! This year I didn’t have as much inventory as I would have liked, but I did get to bring a Giant Totoro amigurumi crochet plush I made.

It took me about a month working on and off on it. I would say a good weeks worth of crochet in terms of hours. He took about 30 pounds of polyfill stufffing and approximately 20 skeins of yarn (it may be more, I lost track after a bit!)

Here’s a picture of our table at artist alley with my good friend Vincent.

Something new for this year, I got a good turning display for my photo prints of my amis. It was a steal of $5 at a yard sale, score!

I also got to cosplay as Miku again as well as Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. I definitely caught the cosplaying bug now!

A customer commissioned me to make a Snorlax with an apple on its head for her hat.

Some cool items at the expo:

Avengers Assemble in Pillow Form!

Alpacas were all the rage

Hello Kitty glasses

And finally here is Totoro on his adventure to Anime Expo where he met some wonderful friends along the way and saw some crazy sights!

Can we take the carpool lane?

In the parking lot, Vincent says “You need to go on a diet Totoro!”

We have officially arrived at AX!

Going up!

Reunions with fellow Studio Ghibli friends and some fun conversations!

“Hey Kiki, how’s JiJi doing?”

“That sucks you got turned into a scarecrow”

“If I shake you, will you rattle?”

“Yeah I need to get my pilot license as well”

And then somehow he got transported inside the new Studio Ghibli game.

“Whoa this is crazy”

He also ran into some new friends along the way.

“Eye see you”


“Congrats, I just heard your new movie came out”

The paparazzi arrives

You’re so fluffy!

I wish we could stay like this forever

And finally we say Goodbye to Anime Expo as Artist Alley closes and we pack up and head out.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Thanks all for visiting my table! And thanks to Jamie and Eric for photos and taking Totoro on a tour. Thanks to Vincent, Hannah, David, and my sis for helping out with the table!

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    July 7, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Great pictures! Wonderful journey! And so much fun! 😉

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