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Ninja Turtle Amigurumi

Cowabunga, Dudes! Here are 4 very cute crochet ninja turtles named after the great Renaissance artists. I’m happy to release this ninja turtle amigurumi as a free crochet pattern so you can also create your very own cute gang. Except instead of being Teenage Ninja Turtles, they’re more like Baby Ninja Turtles!

Ninja Turtle Amigurumi

With this crochet ninja turtle amigurumi, the features include a color bandana to each differentiate one from the other, tiny legs and arms, and a green shellback, or rather should I say “turtles in a half shell?”

Ninja Turtle - Free Crochet Pattern

They came crawling out of the sewers.
Handmade Turtles on Top of Sewer

Somehow this Master Rat came to quickly adopt the turtle amigurumis and take them under his tutelage to train them in the arts of ninjutsu.
Baby Turtles with Master Splinter

I made the discovery that their favorite food is pizza.
Crochet Turtles with Pizza

More specifically, pizza with anchovies! Look at them gobbling it all up!
Turtle Amigurumis eating Pizza

Well I hope you’re ready for some crochet ninjutsu. Love to see how your baby ninja turtles turn up! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @ami_amour or Facebook with your projects!

4 Ninja Turtle Amigurumi - Front and Back with colorful bandanas and green shells

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Ninja Turtle Crochet Tutorial

See the turtles in Ninjutsu action and crochet along with me!

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Nina Turtle - Free Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Ninja Turtle – Free Amigurumi Pattern


Red Heart Super Saver (worsted weight, acrylic)
– Spring Green
– Paddy Green
– Lemon

For Bandana, very small amounts in the color or
– Cherry Red
– Pumpkin
– Amethyst
– Blue

– Polyfill Stuffing


– Yarn Needle

– Stitch Marker

– Black Felt (for eyes)

SIZE: Approximately 3.5in/9cm tall

Crochet Ninja Turtles - Front and Back

Round 1: With light green, 6 sc into magic ring.

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around – 12 sc.

Round 3: [2 sc in next st, sc in next st] around – 18 sc.

Round 4: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 8 st] around – 20 sc.

Round 5-6: Sc in each st around – 20 sc.

Round 7: [Sc2tog, sc in next 8 st] around – 18 sc.

Round 8: [Sc2tog, sc in next st] around – 12 sc.

Round 9: [Sc2tog, sc in next st] around – 8 sc.

Round 10: [Sc2tog, sc in next 2 st] around – 6 sc.

Round 11: With yellow, 2 sc in each st around- 12 sc.

Round 12: Sc in each st around – 12 sc.

Round 13: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 5 st] around – 14 sc.

Round 14-15: Sc in each st around.

Round 16: In Back Loop only, sc2tog around – 7 sc.
Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Stuff and sew closed.

ARMS and LEGS (make 4)
Round 1: With green, 4 sc into magic ring.

Round 2: Sc in each st around – 4 sc.
Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Do not stuff.

Round 1: With dark green, 6 sc into magic ring.

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around – 12 sc.

Round 3-4: Sc in each st around – 12 sc.

Round 5: Sl st around – 12 sl st.

Round 6: In Back Loop only, 2 sc in each st around – 24 sc.
Sl st to first st. Fasten off, leaving a long tail.

Raphael Amigurumi

With color choice
Row 1: Ch 30, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st across – 29 sc.

1. Finish stuffing Head and Body.

2. Sew ARMS and LEGS to BODY.

3. Stuff and Sew SHELL to back of BODY.

4. Sew BANDANA to head. Placement: 4 Rounds down from Head.

5. Cut 2 small circles form black felt for the eyes. Glue on with Fabri-tac. You can also sew on instead or use safety eyes.

6. Cut and hide all ends.

7. Tag me with your projects on my Instagram @ami_amour.

Michelangelo Turtle Amigurumi

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  • Reply
    November 29, 2021 at 7:16 am

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I made the TMNT for my nephew’s 4th birthday and he loved them!

  • Reply
    April 10, 2022 at 3:53 am

    These are amazing!! What size hook did you use?

    • Reply
      Ami Amour
      April 12, 2022 at 5:10 pm

      Thank you! I used a 5.0mm size crochet hook.

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